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Workshop on the applications of new digital imaging technologies: From 2D to the 3D world.

Atelier sur les applications des nouvelles technologies d'imagerie numérique: Du 2D au monde 3D.

Workshop sulle applicazioni delle nuove tecnologie delle immagini: Dal 2D al mondo in 3D.

February 26-28, 2001
Institute for Information Technology
National Research Council Canada
M-50, Room 369,
Ottawa, Ont., Canada

Event organized by:
National Research Council Canada
Italian Embassy in Ottawa
Ministero degli Affari Esteri


Monday 26th of February, 2001

10:30 Registration
         with Anita Mainville

11:00 Opening Remarks
         J-Angelo Beraldin (Senior Research Officer, NRC)

11:15 Presentation of Participants

11:30 Activities and projects of SIBA Coordination
         Dr. A. Bandiera (SIBA Coordination, University of Lecce)

12:00 3D Projects at SIBA Lab
         Eng. F. Bergamo, Dr. M-C. Catamo (SIBA Coordination, University of Lecce)

12:30 Lunch hosted by NRC

14:00 Virtual prototyping as paradigm
         Prof. Marco Gaiani (Politecnico di Milano)

14:30 How to make a 3D model: the untold story!
         Michel Picard (NRC)

15:00 Coffee hosted by NRC

15:30 Laboratory on 3D modelling with Polyworks
         Michel Picard (NRC)

16:30 3D Virtual Buildings Project
         John Bonnett (NRC - Guest Worker)

17:00 Roundtable
17:30 End of first day

Tuesday 27th of February, 2001

10:00 Start of activities - Opening Remarks
         J-Angelo Beraldin (Senior Research Officer, NRC)

10:15 Appearance modelling of 3D models: how and why?
         Guy Godin (Research Officer, NRC)

10:45 3D modelling from a digital camera made easy!
         Dr. Sabry F. El-Hakim (Senior Research Officer, NRC)

11:00 Lab. 3D model from 2D images
         Dr. Sabry F. El-Hakim (Senior Research Officer, NRC)

12:00 Lunch hosted by NRC

14:00 3D virtual Museum in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Civilization - Hull, Québec
         J. Taylor (Senior Research Officer, NRC)

14:30 The IIT Virtual Reality Room: seeing beyond the screen
         Dr. P. Boulanger (Senior Research Officer, NRC)

15:00 Coffee hosted by NRC

15:30 Virtual Reality Experiment: Any volunteers?
         Dr. J.-F. Lapointe (Research Officer, NRC)

17:00 Roundtable
17:15 End of second day
19:00 Dinner hosted by Innovmetric Software, the makers of Polyworks. Restaurant: Orée du Bois, Old Chelsea, Qué. Invitations only, thank you!

Wednesday 28th of February, 2001

Off-site activities:
Visit to ShapeGrabber, Ottawa
Visit to the Canadian Museum of Civilizations - Hull, Québec

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